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Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Even on a rainy October morning, there are lots of flowers in bloom in Morrab Garden.


Elynor said...


sevans said...

Those are beautiful! I especially like the way you arranged them.

sevans said...

Me again! Peter wants to know if the top right is a Preston dahlia. Do you know?

Helen said...

Sorry, but I have no idea! I don't even think there are signs up in the garden saying what's what. But, even if there were, I was running and snapping quickly while trying to stay dry, so I wouldn't have seen them.

~Elizabeth~ said...

(I seem to use that word a lot in regards to your photos I think!)

How'd you format the pictures like that?

Helen said...

I used PhotoShop - made a black box, then cropped each pic into a square and placed them on the black box.


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