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Thursday, 24 July 2008


Hey, look! George Bush wants me to stimulate the Cornish economy!


T said...

what's this about?

Helen said...

A rebate that's part of the Economic Stimulus package, intended to boost the US economy. You should get one, I think. Doesn't everyone get one? Maybe I'm wrong. I had a letter from the IRS saying I was getting a cheque, then it turned up a couple of days later. I just think it's sort of funny that the only economy my money will be boosting is the Cornish one!

stacey said...

I didn't get one!!!! I don't get why some people are and some are not.

T said...

I want one!
However, as the IRS dont know where i am, i think it's unlikely. The IRS and i have not been in contact for many, many years!

Vicki said...

The words "George Bush" and "stimulate" in the same sentence is just wrong!

Personally, I stimulated my credit card company with mine. They didn't even call the next day.


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